Basketball Coaching Drills

Basketball Drills
Drill or Activity Name Comments
Passing Drills
50 Passes Passing Drill
Monkey in the Middle Passing
Three Man Weave Passing
Chair Game Passing
Speed Passing Beginner Passing
Bounce Bounce Overhead Passing/Fitness or Warm up
Pass and Pressure Beginner Passing
Dribbling Drills
Red Light Green Light Dribbling
Dribble Tag Dribbling
Knock Out Dribbling
Follow the Leader Beginner Dribbling
new Shooting Basics Drill to work on Fundamentals
V-Cut Pass and Shoot Drill All ages. Passing and Shooting
Bombs Away Shooting
Pass and Cut Drill Pass and Lay-up Drill
Two Line Lay-up Drill Beginner Lay-up Drill
Layup Relay Lay ups
Circle Layup Drill Lay ups
Offense and Defense
3 v 2 / 2v 1 Works on Offense and Defense
3 on 2 Half Court Works on Offense and Defense
2 on 2 Works on Offense and Defense
 Numbers Game 1 on 1 or 2 on 2
No Dribble Works on Offense and Defense