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Designed for Basketball Coaches. Simple to navigate with printable youth basketball drills.

Official NFHS basketball signals. Chart that list referee hand signals. Click Here

Simple but effective out of bounds play.Here is a very simple play that can be used in all areas of the court. Click Here

Coaching the little guys or gals? We put together some Mini Basketball information for you. Click Here

The Golden Basketball
Coaching Rule

Avoid the three L's. Laps, Lines, and Lectures.
How would it feel being the twelfth kid in LINE.
No LAPS. Train sport specific.
The kids came to play b-ball. Not hear a LECTURE.

6 Tips To Be an Effective Basketball Coach

#1 Arrive early with a plan. Arriving early and get set up before the players arrive. This will allow you to visualize plan in your head. Getting set up early will also allow you to interface with the players as they arrive.

#2 Be Enthusiastic. No matter how bad of a day you may have had, when the players arrive you have to fake it and look excited to be at practice. Attitudes are contagious..

#3 Keep it simple. Have clear concise instructions. Kids can be quite literal. If you tell them to “hold up the ball” mean to stop, don’t be surprised if one or two players literally hold up the ball.

#4 FUNdamentals, FUNdamentals, FUNdamentals. Make sure your players master the fundamentals. Keep this in mind when developing your practice plan.

#5 Have good support. Interview your assistant coach. A real interview. Find out what motivates him, what his demeaner will be during a game and practice. Get a team MOM to help out also. And get the parents on board to Cheer from the sideline and not coach.

#6. HAVE FUN. Enjoy the practices and games. Don’t get caught up arguing with referees all game. They makes mistakes just like coaches do. If there is something egregious, calmy talk about it at the half.

Being a great basketball coach takes work. Seeking better drills, learning new plays and concepts. But thats half the fun. Have a great season.

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Player Safety

Some tips to help create a safe enviroment for your players.