Basketball Coaching Scouting Reports

Blank Reports.

Great for high school coaches. The best scouting reports on the internet. Even has margins for the clipboard. They are printable and free !!

Basketball Scouting Report summary 1st quarter scouting report



Single page basketball scouting report. All the elements of the longer reports.  Single Page Basketball Scouting Report 
Four page scouting report broken down offensively and defensively. Blank Basketball Scouting Report-4pages
Scouting report broken down by quarters. Blank report reveals how the game unfolds. 5 pages with summary. Quarterly Basketball Scouting Report-5 pages

A couple basketball scouting tips.

Do a little research before the game. How is their record? Have they been playing tough teams.
Arrive Early and bring an extra pencil !!!
Get a program. If no program, get info from scorers table.
Sit close to the middle of the bleachers, and try not to sit with the student. Very LOUD and distracting.