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Designed for basketball coaches. It's easy to navigate, printable youth basketball drills, and no memberships fees. Okay, no lectures here. Go have fun and make it a great season.

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The Golden Basketball Coaching Rule

Avoid the three L's. Laps, lines, and lectures.
How would it feel being the twelfth kid in LINE.
No LAPS. Train sport specific.
The kids came to play soccer. Not hear a LECTURE.

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Basketball Coaching Sandwich
basketball coaching compliment sandwich
Example- "Nice pass Johnny. Next time .......... That was terrific hustle".
They will never know you corrected them.

Are you running from work to practice? They got an app for that.

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In-House tryout evaluation form. Tryout Form-pdf

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Have a couple of big players who are not getting the basketball enough?
Here is a simple coaching play to help the bigs get an easy layup. Bigs for Layup

Useful forms, free drills, and more !!!!!!!!

New or Beginner Basketball Coach ?

Wondering how to format your basketball practice? Try using a "Progressive Format" Many basketball coaches use their one hour practice by spending 5 to 10 minutes on a bunch of different drills focusing on a bunch of different skills.

With a progressive practice plan, the Basketball Coach focuses on ONE skill , and uses progressions to help the young player mastering that skill.

For example. Lets say the "theme" is lay-ups. The basketball practice would start with a warm-up that includes "lay-ups" to get the team warmed up. Then add some stretching. Now comes the progression part.

Beginning of practice (for the very young players). Start WITHOUT a basketball and work on how the Arm and Leg work together as the player approaches the basket (focusing on the technique).
Next, add the basketball, and have the players work on their form with the basketball.
Then, turn it into a game where the team sees how may they can do in 5 minutes or any other drill or activity without any defensive pressure.
Next, add some defensive pressure. Play 1v1 or 2v2 with conditions. Defense can only play 50 percent. Lay-ups are worth 5 point. Next, take off the conditions. Play 2v2 or 3v3 regular rules.
play a 5v5 scrimmage and let them play.

With this basketball coaching format, coaches will discover practices will have a real purpose and the players will master the fundamentals quicker.

"Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand."
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